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Cessaline Sterlin

Cessaline’s mother passed away shortly after her birth and until recently she was living in isolation.  Her health condition was very poor upon arriving at the village but it continues to get better.  Cessaline began to blossom immediately after her interactions with the other children and is always laughing and smiling.  The village moms consider her a “godly seed.”


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Jamesley Fenelon

Jamesley Fenelon has 6 brothers and 1 sister, and they live with their mom and dad. His favorite thing to do is sing. His family lives in Drouin, Haiti – the community where the cholera outbreak started in October 2010.

Extreme poverty runs rampant in this community, therefore we want to prevent these kids from becoming orphaned, and ensure they can stay with their families.


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Jean Moise

Jean Moise was found abandoned by the river in Ouanaminthe.  IBERS (Haitian social services) have said that his mother left him there and that he was going to be trafficked.  Since his name was unknown, our leaders in Ferrier gave him the last name “Moise,” (Moses) since he was found by the river.  Jean Moise loves to play with a little toy car with the other boys in the village.

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Joseph Milostene

Joseph was rescued at the border of the Dominican Republic when his mother tried to cross with him but was denied by police.  She then gave Joseph to a stranger and disappeared.  This good samaritan brought Joseph to IBERS (Hatian social services) who determined that he was being trafficked.  Although still young, Joseph is beginning to really enjoy soccer.  He also loves to laugh!


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Louis Oluxon

Louis is in his 5th year at school. He enjoys learning Math. While not in school Louis studies. His favorite color is yellow and he loves to play soccer with his best friend Moy. Louis’ native language is Creole. He wants to work for the government when he grows up. Louis has 2 brothers and 1 sister. He ask that you pray for him to make a difference in the world.


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Lousedaelle Adinor

Lousedaelle and her brother Lovedje came to Ferrier Village after their mother passed away and their grandmother was too sick to care for them.  Lousedaelle arrived at the village in poor health conditions but is improving.  She loves to play with a little toy car with the other children in the village.


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Manel Etienne

Manel came to Ferrier Village with his sister Samantha after it was determined that there were no relatives to care for them.  Manel’s health was extremely poor upon arriving in the village, but he continues to get better each week. He is in much better spirits and now laughs a lot!

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Miscova Mininchie Simon

Miscova’s parents have both passed away. She was turned into social services by a distant relative who was unable to care for her. She arrived in poor health, but is receiving care at Ferrier Village.



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