Help One Now: Short Term Trips

Our short-term mission trips, or what we call learning journeys or pilgrimages, are important and vital if done right. Our trips tend to be fast-paced with a lot of focus on “learning” as opposed to “doing.” We want you to enter into the story of the country you’re traveling to, connect with the community, build deep relationships, and understand how we can partner together to make a long-term impact.

Our goals for the trip:

  • For you to meet and fall in love with our local leaders.
  • For you to meet and fall in love with the kids we serve.
  • For you to learn from our local leaders by hearing their stories and engaging in their communities. Doing this help us, the visitors, understand the unique issues in different environments.
  • For you to see our projects and the impact they have made firsthand!
  • For you to understand how complex working in these communities can be.
  • For you to understand how short-term mission trips can actually do more harm than good if approached with the wrong intentions.
  • If you sponsor a child, we want you to meet that child. (It’s not always possible, but we’ll make every effort to coordinate your schedules to make this happen!)
  • For you to be advocates of the country, people and orphans that you meet when you return home. You are the tribe and we need you to run with these stories and partner with us to make an impact.
  • Manual labor: Each trip usually consists of 2 days of some sort of construction projects and possibly some medical work.

Sample Trip Itinerary (Haiti)

  • Day 1 – Travel to Haiti. Team orientation.
  • Day 2 – Meet with a local leader. Hear leader’s story and see projects in action. Spend time with orphans and in the community.
  • Day 3 – Meet with another local leader and visit his/her community.
  • Day 4 – Medical clinics and construction.
  • Day 5 – Medical clinics and construction.
  • Day 6 – Spend time with orphans and play games with them.
  • Day 7 – Beach day, safari or more potential meetings.
  • Day 8 – Travel home.


Email our Trips Coordinator – Jen Allred at [email protected]