Samantha Jean

  • Location: Haiti, Yahve Shamma
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 14

Samantha came to Yahve Shamma after her parents died in the 2010 earthquake. She grew up in a small village named Derriere Morne, a desolate area with no water or resources.  Samantha is very bright and enjoys reading and drawing.  She takes on the role of big sister to the other children in the orphanage, and enjoys hanging out with her best friend Manita. Samantha will be turning 15 on May 18th.

Sponsorship Status

We sponsor orphans and teachers five times to ensure their life-changing, 24/7 care, education, food, clothing and medical needs are consistently met, and to support their local leaders in orphan prevention through education, infrastructure improvement and job opportunities.

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